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Social Health Impact

Social Health

Social health is the aspect of overall well-being that stems from connection and community. Here at Fairmont State University, you'll find friendly, hardworking students like you, caring faculty-mentors, and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities that let you grow, discover and pursue interests, make friends, and unwind.

Listed below are some resources to help promote social health here at Fairmont State University.

Office of Student Life

 317 Turley Center


Services: organizes regular student activities campus-wide, greek life, student government associaton, offer support to all students, etc

Visit the Student Life Page

Office of Housing & Residence Life

 317 Turley Center


Services: housing accommodations, support all students living on campus,
organizes regular student activities campus-wide, offer support to all students,

Visit the Housing & Residence Life Page

Falcon Center


Services: Falcon Center is the hub for campus life. Located inside the Falcon Center is our dining hall,  the other food options on campus, campus bookstore, student health, campus recreaction and so much more. 

Visit the Falcon Center Page


 311 Turley Center


Services: provide International student services and admissions support,
helping internation students from application to graduation, help acclimate
international students to the culture and customs, the Study Abroad program/

Visit the EPICS Page