PDS Site-Based Coordinator - The coordinator serves as the “point person” for teacher education and professional development coordination between FSU and their PDS. This person is selected by the school/and or school administration and assumes a myriad of roles and responsibilities in collaboration with the university and their PDS.

Barrackville Elementary
Halpenny, Samantha
Barrackville Middle
Halpenny, Samantha
Big Elm Elementary
Powell, Renee
Blackshere Elementary
Mclain, Korrie
Bridgeport High
Matthews, Renee
Bridgeport Middle
Edgell, Ashley
Bruceton School
Kent, Melissa
Cheat Lake Elementary
Sowards, Bethany
East Dale Elementary
Wilson, Debbie
East Fairmont High
Amos, Tenishia
East Fairmont Middle
Carpenter, Ashley
East Park Elementary
Brooks, Susan
Fairmont Senior High
Walker, Amanda
Jayenne Elementary
Raines, Amy
Liberty High
Stanley, Ranae
Lincoln High
Osbourn, Maria
Lumberport Elementary
Gentilozzi, Melanie
Mannington Middle
Yoho, Heather
Monongah Elementary
McIntire, Paula
Monongah Middle
Lienhardt, Anne
Mountaineer Middle (Har)
McLean, Renee
Mountaineer Middle (Mon)
Shunk, Shari
North Marion High
Greene, James
Norwood Elementary
Blackburn, Tonya
Nutter Fort Intermediate
King, Jacqulyn
Nutter Fort Primary
Burnett, Terra
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Debalski, Mary
Ridgedale Elementary
Harki, LeeAnn
Robert C. Byrd High
Boggs, Teresa (Terri)
Simpson Elementary
Oliverio, Gina
South Harrison High
Fragmin, Gretchen
South Harrison Middle
Stubbs, Rita
Taylor County Middle
Duckworth, Alyssa
Washington Irving Middle
Oliverio, Wendy
West Fairmont Middle
Cornwell, Sara
West Preston Middle
Voldeck, Alexander
White Hall Elementary
Bushko-Oates, Kara

       The site-based coordinator has agreed to the following responsibilities:

  • Plan and conduct site committee meetings
  • Document and distribute to the school minutes from the site meetings
  • Work collaboratively with the principal to make clinical placements for FSU students and relay that information to the Partnership office in a timely manner
  • Work collaboratively with the principal and site committee to address professional development needs within the school
  • Be a spokesperson for the school with Fairmont State University
  • Encourage teachers within the school to be involved in Professional Development School activities
  • Attend Site Coordinator meetings or send a representative from your school
  • Be willing to share school initiatives with other PDS schools
  • Help organize on-site professional development activities
  • Maintain budget information in regard to site-based grants and stipends for teachers and principals
  • Keep all records and receipts documenting on-site activities
  • Coordinate Partnership work with clinical students and FSU faculty
  • Work with the building principal to plan activities for teacher candidates, such as orientations, closing celebrations, etc.
  • Publicize PDS partnership activities within and beyond the school site
  • Consider presenting at conferences, institutes, and other forums to disseminate best practices
  • Collect observation, assessment forms and other written documentation for teacher candidates on site and submit those forms to the Partnership office at the end of each semester