PDS Site-Based Coordinator - The coordinator serves as the “point person” for teacher education and professional development coordination between FSU and their PDS. This person is selected by the school/and or school administration and assumes a myriad of roles and responsibilities in collaboration with the university and their PDS.

Big Elm Elementary
Powell, Renee
(304) 326-7280
Bridgeport High
Goots, Sue Ann
(304) 326-7137
Liberty High
Swiger, Millie
(304) 326-7470
Lumberport Elementary
Hawk, Rebecca
(304) 326-7020
Nutter Fort Intermediate
Bramble, Cheryl
(304) 326-7508
Nutter Fort Primary
Burnett, Terra
(304) 624-3275
Robert C. Byrd High
Nelson, Paula
(304) 623-2453
Robert C. Byrd High
Paletta, Mary Beth
(304) 623-2453
Simpson Elementary
Joyce, Lori
(304) 326-7060
South Harrison High
Pratt, Kim
(304) 326-7440
South Harrison High
Fragmin, Gretchen
(304) 326-7440
Washington Irving Middle
Mayle, Jena
(304) 326-7420
Barnes Learning Center
Lawson, Louise
(304) 367-2127
Barrackville Elementary/Middle
Latocha, Kristie
(304) 367-2128
Blackshere Elementary
Hersch, Jone
(304) 986-2707
East Dale Elementary
Corley, Peggy
(304) 367-2132
East Fairmont High
Morgan, Karen
(304) 367-2140
East Fairmont Jr. High
Conover, Debbie
(304) 367-2123
East Park Elementary
Snodgrass, Heather
(304) 367-2134
Fairmont Senior High
Poling, Toni
(304) 367-2150
Fairview Elementary
Parker, Lacey
(304) 449-1752
Fairview Middle
Swiger, Mary Jo
(304) 449-1312
Jayenne Elementary
Core, Tama
(304) 367-2136
Mannington Middle
Thorne, Mary
(304) 986-1050
Monongah Elementary
McIntire, Paula
(304) 367-2159
Monongah Middle
Lienhardt, Anne
(304) 367-2164
North Marion High
Gaines, Joy
(304) 986-3063
Norwood Elementary
Blackburn, Tonya
(304) 624-3262
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Gaston, Mary Ann
(304) 367-2148
West Fairmont Middle
Shipley, Cindy
(304) 366-5631
White Hall Elementary
Johnson, Debbie
(304) 367-2158
Cheat Lake Elementary
Capobianco, Jennifer
(304) 594-2772
Cheat Lake Elementary
Skotnicki, Cheryl
(304) 594-2772
Mountaineer Middle
Hoffman, Jeff
(304) 284-2856
Ridgedale Elementary
Zackery, Amber
(304) 291-9231
Bruceton Elementary/Middle
Kent, Melissa
(304) 379-2593
South Preston Middle
Jennings, Jessica
(304) 568-2331
West Preston Middle
Kibler, Keisha
(304) 864-5221
Taylor County Middle
Oliver, Cindy
(304) 265-0722
Hundred High
Moore, Janet
(304) 775-5221
Long Drain
Sigley, Beth
(304) 775-2441
Short Line Elementary
Toppe, Mollie
(304) 386-4115
Valley High School
Earley, Kristi
(304) 889-3151

       The site-based coordinator has agreed to the following responsibilities:

  • Plan and conduct site committee meetings
  • Document and distribute to the school minutes from the site meetings
  • Work collaboratively with the principal to make clinical placements for FSU students and relay that information to the Partnership office in a timely manner
  • Work collaboratively with the principal and site committee to address professional development needs within the school
  • Be a spokesperson for the school with Fairmont State University
  • Encourage teachers within the school to be involved in Professional Development School activities
  • Attend Site Coordinator meetings or send a representative from your school
  • Be willing to share school initiatives with other PDS schools
  • Help organize on-site professional development activities
  • Maintain budget information in regards to site-based grants and stipends for teachers and principals
  • Keep all records and receipts documenting on-site activities
  • Coordinate Partnership work with clinical students and FSU faculty Liaison
  • Work with the building principal to plan activities for teacher candidates, such as orientations, closing celebrations, etc.
  • Publicize PDS partnership activities within and beyond the school site
  • Consider presenting at conferences, institutes, and other forums to disseminate best practices
  • Collect observation, assessment forms and other written documentation for teacher candidates on site and submit those forms to the Partnership office at the end of each semester