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PDS Partnership Governance Structure

Characteristics of the Partnership Advisory Board

  • The Advisory Board is a standing body, not an ad hoc group, assembled for specific projects and input.
  • The Advisory Board is assembled by the partnership director and will be a representative group consisting of CoEHHP faculty, Arts and Sciences faculty, principals, cooperating teachers and site coordinators. If possible all five counties will be represented and each developmental level (elementary, middle and high).
  • The Advisory Board will meet periodically, as much as two times per semester or as infrequently as once per semester.

Functions of the Advisory Board

  • Examine important issues facing the partnership, public school placements and accreditation information and decisions.
  • Provide input on the budget each year in advance of its submission to the WV Department of Education.
  • Continually assess and revise accordingly, the performance of the PDS Partnership and College of Education, Health and Human Performance with respect to communication, decision-making, and sharing ideas.
  • Undertake discussions as to the goals and future of the Partnership.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for involvement of all stakeholders, including but not limited to County Superintendents, Boards of Education, College Dean, FSU President and Provost, etc.