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PDS Cooperating Teachers Impact

PDS Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teacher - Cooperating Teachers are school-based teachers in a PDS who serve as the mentor teacher for a teacher candidate, Resident or student teacher. Cooperating teachers model classroom practices that support the benchmark expectations for the university students they mentor and supervise.  The responsibilities of a Cooperating Teacher include co-planning, co-teaching, and observing/conferencing with the FSU teacher candidate. Cooperating Teachers collaborate with the PDS Site Coordinator and the university Supervisor to assess the performance of the candidates, Residents and student teachers, to make decisions about the readiness for increased responsibilities, and to determine evaluation and final grades.

Professional development is provided for Cooperating Teachers by Site Coordinators and the PDS Partnership Office.

The Fairmont State University office of clinical experiences selects cooperating teachers from the schools involved in the PDS partnership.  The cooperating teachers are those that model best practices and serve as exceptional role models for future teachers. 

WV Policy 5100 5.17.a states:

Effective July 1, 2018, at a minimum, the cooperating educator should:

  • hold a valid West Virginia five-year teaching credential in the content area of the candidate placed in his/her classroom with a minimum of five years of teaching experience;
  • hold "Accomplished" or higher as a summative performance rating on the West Virginia Educator Evaluation during the last two years of employment; AND
  • have successfully completed a WVBE-approved mentor/induction coaching course, at no cost to the teacher, OR hold or be eligible for the Master Mentor Advanced Credential OR hold certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

In addition, Fairmont State University adheres to these additional requirements:

  • be recommended by the school principal;
  • enter into a contractual agreement that semester with Fairmont State University to accept student teachers and Residents and receive a stipend for their work;
  • have agreed to demonstrate leadership skills and assist the teacher candidate/student teacher or Resident throughout their placement.

Generally, only one student teacher will be placed with any host teacher, but this may be modified when necessary, if the situation is advantageous to the student teacher and Fairmont State University.