FSU/PDS Partnership Governance Structure
Characteristics of the Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee is a standing body, not an ad hoc group assembled for specific projects.
  • The Executive Committee is assembled by the partnership director and will be a representative group consisting of SoE faculty, Arts and Sciences faculty, principals, and site coordinators. If possible all six counties will be represented and each developmental level (elementary, middle and high).
  • The Executive Committee will meet periodically, as much as three times per semester or as infrequently as once per semester.

Functions of the Executive Committee

  • Examine important issues facing the partnership.
  • If the Executive Committee does not reach consensus on a matter, the final decision will remain with the Partnership Director.
  • The Executive Committee gives input on the budget each year in advance of its submission to the WV Department of Education and Arts.
  • Continually assess and revise accordingly, the performance of the Partnership with respect to communication, decision-making, and sharing ideas.
  • Undertake discussions as to the goals and future of the Partnership.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for involvement of all stakeholders, including but not limited to County Superintendents, Boards of Education, Deans, FSU President and Provost, etc.