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ASN Program Framework Impact

ASN Program Framework

The following concepts reflect the faculty’s belief about the concepts that guide the ASN curriculum.

Five major concepts (nurse, human flourishing, nursing judgment, professional identity, and spirit of inquiry), aid the ASN student in becoming a nurse generalist.  The concepts are interwoven into program and course objectives, assignments, and program evaluation. 


A nurse uses nursing judgment, professional identity, and a spirit of inquiry in helping patients to attain human flourishing. 

Human Flourishing

The nurse provides patient-centered care to assist patients in attaining ongoing growth and self-determination in response to their changing health needs. A patient is defined as an individual, family, or community. 

Nursing Judgment

The nurse integrates the use of evidence-based practice and clinical judgment to manage and provide safe, effective, quality patient-centered care and promote the patient’s health. Nursing judgment involves the use of the nursing process, information management systems, teamwork, and inter-professional collaboration in order to advocate for the patient’s needs. 

Professional Identity

The nurse implements integrity, responsibility, ethical practices and an evolving identity as a nurse committed to compassionate patient-centered care.  The nurse functions in the roles of care provider, manager, team leader, team member, educator, advocate, and professional. The nurse values a commitment to life-long learning. 

Spirit of Inquiry

The nurse examines the evidence that underlies clinical nursing practice to challenge the status quo, questioning underlying assumptions, and offer new insights to improve the quality of patient-centered care and care outcomes. 

A Venn Diagram listing Human Flourishing, Nursing Judgment, Professional Identity, and Spirit of Inquiry in the outer circles and Nurse in the middle circle.