Fairmont State University Continues White Coat Ceremony Tradition

Monday, August 30, 2021

Fairmont State University continued its White Coat Ceremony tradition on Friday, August 27 to honor students in the College of Nursing, symbolizing the transition into clinical practice and providing compassionate care.

“The White Coat Ceremony is designed as a rite of passage to emphasize the importance of compassionate patient care at the beginning of your nursing education journey,” said Fairmont State University College of Nursing Dean, Laura Clayton. “I have no doubt that you will thrive under the expert guidance of our faculty and staff in the College of Nursing. Nursing School will prepare you to be highly skilled compassionate, caring nurses. We will equip you to serve as leaders, educators, researchers, advocates, critical thinkers, problem solvers and that list goes on." 

The white coat marks a student’s transition from pre-nursing to entrance into clinical nursing practice, or for RNs who are continuing their education. The white coat symbolizes the nursing student’s vow to provide comprehensive and compassionate patient-centered care. During the ceremony, the white coat is placed on each student’s shoulders by nursing faculty and concludes with the recitation of the Nurses Pledge.

“It’s been said that the White Coat Ceremony sets a standard among healthcare professionals by verbalizing the goals of a clinical caretaker,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “Nurses are the lynchpin of the clinical setting. Creating a ritual that accentuates this rite of passage is important, and will be forever a part of your life and your memories.”

Students received their white coats at four separate ceremonies taking place throughout the day to allow for proper social distancing. All ceremonies are available for viewing at www.fairmontstate.edu/2021whitecoat

In addition to receiving their white coats, a group of students received pins to symbolize their acceptance into the Mon Health Scholars program. The Mon Health Scholars partnership was established to provide Fairmont State University College of Nursing students academic scholarships and financial support, with a promise of employment with Mon Health System upon graduation. 

“There’s never been a more important time in our history to seek within yourself the intrinsic value that you look to provide care to others,” said Mon Health System Chief Nursing Executive, Krystal Atkinson. “We’re in a place that’s unprecedented, unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we’re looking at you as the next level of care providers.”

To learn more about the Fairmont State University College of Nursing, visit www.fairmontstate.edu/collegeofnursing.