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How to Fill Out the FAFSA

Did you miss the deadline?  No problem, you can still complete the FAFSA to be considered for federal financial aid assistance.

Myths about Financial Aid

I bet you have heard or maybe even think you are not eligible for financial aid because your parents make too much money.  Check out this quick video to put this myth as well as other myths regarding who is eligible for financial aid to rest. 

FAFSA Overview

What is this thing called a FAFSA?  What is it used for?  These questions along with many others will be answered with this overview.

Create an FSA ID!

How to Create Your FSA ID.  What is the role of your FSA ID?

Your Account Username and Password

Types of Federal Student Loans

Not sure what type of student loan to get?  Always remember your alphabet, ‘S’ comes before ‘U’.

Financial Aid Verification

Have you been randomly selected for verification?  Set your mind at ease with some guidance from the professionals.

Types of Federal Aid

Not sure what types of federal aid are available to you?  Check out this video directly from the U.S. Department of Education.

Repaying your Student Loans

What are my options for repayment?  What if I don’t get a job after college?  Don’t wait until you graduate to start your planning!

What is a Budget?

Are you working within your budget?  Do you know how to create a budget?

Student Loan Repayment Options

Is there only 1 payment option?  NO!

Be a Responsible Borrower

What is a responsible borrower?  Do you understand the amount you should be borrowing?


Fairmont State is pleased to provide the student aid calculator to assist you in estimating your costs to attend. Results are based on 2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance figures and student aid eligibility requirements which are subject to change.  These results should assist you in determining an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense to attend Fairmont State.

Visit us at the Turley Center

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Financial Aid Services
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