Gym Court Policies

  • All courts are a first-come basis and change on the half hour and hour.
  • If the courts in all three gyms are in use please see the Reception Desk to reserve the next available time.
  • If the volleyball, badminton or tennis nets are not set up please see the Reception Desk for assistance.
  • The soccer court (Gym 2) must be reserved in advance and will only be set up if there are a sufficient number of players to play a game.
  • Grabbing or hanging on the rims/nets or hand in the basketball hoop cylinder is prohibited.
  • Personal headsets are allowed but other forms of personal sound systems are not permitted in the gymnasium.
  • Gyms may be reserved for internal and external events, although in most cases one gym will remain for open recreation use.
  • Supervisors on duty will enforce all policies and procedures and have the right to make all decisions final.