Falcon Center - General Policies

  1. No one will be permitted beyond the reception area without a valid student or employee ID, family card or guest pass.
  2. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted to use the facility.
  3. Appropriate athletic attire is required at all times. This includes wearing a shirt and non-marking soled shoes. No ball caps or clothing with belts, buckles, or chains are permitted. Swimsuits and swim footwear are limited to the aquatics area.
  4. Book bags and other personal items are not permitted in any program area of the facility. Day lockers and locker rooms are available for storage of personal items. Center staff cannot guarantee the security of valuables and are not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is therefore recommended that valuable personal items be left at home. The Lost and Found area will be maintained at the reception desk.
  5. Any display of poor conduct, fighting, abusive language, or willful destruction of property may result in loss of facility use privileges, and if appropriate, further disciplinary or legal action.
  6. Individual patrons shall utilize all recreational facilities at their own risk.
  7. For the safety of small children and patrons, no strollers or baby carriers are permitted in the fitness room, track, and gymnasiums.
  8. Report all injuries to the reception desk immediately.
  9. A parent, legal guardian, or other adult must accompany any users under the age of 16 years.
  10. Children over 3 years of age are not permitted in the opposite sex locker rooms. Please consider using the family changing room for your convenience.
  11. Animals are prohibited in the facility, unless utilized as a guide or assistant for people with disabilities.
  12. The Falcon Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking and tobacco use in any form is prohibited.
  13. No food, drink (except water in a closed container), or chewing gum is permitted in fitness areas. All food items must be consumed in designated eating areas.
  14. Radios with headphones are permitted in the fitness facility; however, other audio/visual media is prohibited unless authorized by the Falcon Center.
  15. Signs may not be posted on any wall in the Falcon Center. All postings must have prior approval from administration and then may be posted on general use boards.
  16. Bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards are prohibited in all indoor facilities.
  17. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited
  18. If damages occur to the Falcon Center equipment or facilities, the responsible party will pay for the cost of the repair.
  19. The Falcon Center will operate in accordance with all campus policies and procedures.
  20. Any individual not following appropriate policies or behaviors will be asked to leave the facility.
  21. The Falcon Center reserves the right to interpret center regulations in its best interest.


All equipment is the responsibility of the individual that checks out that piece of equipment from the front desk.  Any equipment that is given to a student by another student is STILL the responsibility of the person that originally checked it out.

  • Leaving checked out equipment in the Falcon Center forcing employees to collect and check in your equipment will result in a suspension of check out privileges.  
    • 1st Offense- Documented Warning
    • 2nd Offense- 2 week suspension of check out privileges.
    • 3rd Offense- Check out privileges suspended at the discretion of the Director of Recreation.
  • Missing equipment that has been checked out will result in facility suspension until that piece of equipment is returned or the appropriate replacement fee is paid.
    • For any missing equipment, the individual responsible for it will receive an email informing them of the missing equipment and explaining what they must do.  There will be a 72 hour grace period before a suspension or replacement fee is required.

ID Cards

Anyone wishing to have access to the Rec Center must have a valid membership via student fees or purchasing a membership.  Those wishing to use the facility that do not have a membership can purchase a daily guest pass if a student or member they know is willing to sponsor them.

  • “Forgets”- Each member is allowed 2 “Forgets” per semester.  This allows someone access to the building should they forget their card. 
    • It is required that anyone attempting to use a forget provide their full name for campus rec staff to verify they are an active member.  After a member has used their 2 Forgets they will NEED their card for entrance to the facility.
  • Use of another member’s card is considered fraud and is NOT permitted.  Anyone caught doing such will have their card confiscated by campus rec staff and left for the Director of Recreation.  The owner of the card will then be required to retrieve the card from the Director of Recreation.
    • 1st Offense- ID card holder will receive a documented warning.
    • 2nd Offense- ID card holder will have their Rec Center access suspended for 2 weeks.
    • 3rd Offense- ID card holder will have their Rec Center access suspended at the discretion of the Director of Recreation.

*During a suspension students that can show proof of having a class in the Falcon Center will be allowed entrance for that class ONLY. (Copy of your schedule or the professor informing campus rec staff is required as proof)

  • Classes held in the Falcon Center still REQUIRE use of your ID card to be allowed entrance to the Falcon Center for that class.
  • Replacement ID policies are set by Campus Card Services and are as follows
    • First ID Card- Free
      • Valid form of government issued identification required.
    • Transfer Student (Pierpont to Fairmont or vice versa)- Free
      • “Free ID Card Replacement” certificate from Enrollment services required.
    • Replacement card for a student who takes off the fall/spring semester- Free
      • Must show their unofficial transcript.
    • Student Replacement ID Card- $20.00
    • Faculty/Staff Replacement ID Card- $20.00
    • Community Card Replacement- $20.00


Adults must participate with or directly supervise all youth under the age of 16 years at all times. A profile photo on the Falcon Center card will designate cards for youth 16 years and under. Youth 16 years of age or over may access the facility without adult supervision.

  1. Youth under 16 years are not permitted to use the weight and fitness equipment or cardiovascular equipment at any time.
  2. Children under 16 years are not permitted to use the hot tub.

Campus Solicitation

The Falcon Center provides activities and services for the Fairmont State community. Through various recreational and social programs the center and its staff will provide an atmosphere to support the out-of-class experience as part of the total educational process while advancing the institutional mission and supporting college persistence.

Please see the Campus Solicitation Procedures and necessary Campus Solicitation Permit Application. The administrative offices of the Falcon Center will approve any requests for solicitation.