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Team Captains Information Impact

Team Captains Information

Responsibilities - Leader (Team Captain)

  • Recruit members from your organization, fraternity, sorority, or student body for participation.
  • Inform group members of eligibility rules.
  • Submit full roster and entry lists for your group.  Be sure that each team member successfully registers through IMLeagues.
  • Check medical status of all participants and inform the director of any special conditions or needs.
  • Be responsible for having your team in attendance for all scheduled events.
  • Notify members of postponements and re-scheduling of games.
  • Attend weekly meetings. $5 fine for missing a meeting when your sport is 'in season'.
  • Maintain a high standard of sportsmanship for your group.
  • Familiarize yourself and your group of all the rules of the game.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal! 

Click the sport name for their specific rules (in MS Word format). If you are a group leader it may be beneficial to print off a copy for each member of your team.

Constitution & Bylaws

Please click on the links below for the Fairmont State Intramural Constitution and Bylaws.

Intramural Constitution and Bylaws

  • Fall 2007: There has been an update to the Unsportsmanlike Section regarding players leaving the field/court of play and returning.
  • Fall 2008: There has been an amendment to the Fraternity/Sorority Eligibility Requirements.
  • Spring 2009: There has been an update to the Group Leaders' responsibilities.
  • Fall 2021:  Constitution updated.