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Special Programs

Business Etiquette Dinner

In today's highly competitive business world, business isn't just conducted within the confines of an office.  Proper etiquette skills are extremely important for business professionals who must know how to conduct themselves and represent their company at the dining table and in other social settings, whether entertaining or being entertained.

Each year the College of Business & Aviation sponsors a Business Etiquette Dinner.  The goal of the Business Etiquette Dinner is to help students feel more confident in a dinner setting. Confidence often increases as more knowledge is gained about what is appropriate or inappropriate etiquette in such a dining situation. An important point about etiquette is that there are subtle rules of behavior. If students learn these rules, then they can focus their attention more on getting to know their dinner companions and less on second-guessing their dining habits. The negative effects of inappropriate attire, improper conversation, and poor social skills can cause students more than embarrassment; it can cost them a potential job.

The Business Etiquette Dinner is held every spring and is open to all Fairmont State students who wish to improve their ability to present a positive impression during a formal business dinner.  Business representatives from the region are seated at each table to engage and interact with the students.