Important Forms

Student Organization Registration

All Fairmont State students are free to join and participate in the 45+ Registered Student Organizations. Student-formed groups are encouraged to register in order to take full advantage of available institutional resources. Each organization must fully complete and resubmit its Organization Registration Form within each academic year. No club/organization is exempt from filling out this registration form.

Event Registration Booking Request

Any Registered Student Organization may plan an activity and publicize an event on campus. In such cases, a Fairmont State University facility may be reserved by that organization or department for such activities. Advanced planning and scheduling are necessary to avoid several organizations requesting to use a facility at the same time. Fairmont State University has established policies and procedures for those wishing to schedule activities on campus. Only Club Presidents and/or Club Advisors, or a designated member of a recognized student organization on campus should make requests for any facilities on campus. Please submit this form at least one week prior to any event/meeting.

Club Funding Request

Student Organizations that have been recognized by the Student Government Association and are registered and considered "Active" through the Office of Residential and Student Life are eligible to apply for funding. Qualifying Student Clubs and Organizations may use the SGA money to provide an event/item/activity, which benefits/entertains the community and/or student body while maintaining relevance to Club/Organization/Fairmont State University's mission and purpose.

Leadership/Roster Update

Registered Student Organizations must notify the Office of Residential and Student Life of any changes in leadership positions (e.g. Advisor, President, etc.) by submitting a Student Organization Leadership Update form.

New Organization Start-up Form

Once submitted, the Office of Residential and Student Life will contact you to regarding following steps.

Paint the Bell Request

Those wishing to paint the bell must complete the Paint the Bell Request form 48 hours prior to painting the bell and receive an email confirming their reservation. It is the responsibility of all Fairmont State University Registered Student Organizations and the campus community to adhere to the guidelines regarding to Painting the Bell on the Education Quad.

Student Organization Activity Report

Please set up your student/org account. Groups can register as an agency and manage their service for their members. Please contact with any questions.

RSO Travel Form

Any Registered Student Organization planning to participate in group travel on behalf of or as a representative of any campus organization, must complete the RSO Travel Form. This includes attendance at all conferences and/or regional or national events. The Office of Residential and Student Life must be notified of the group's travel plans and provided with details so that in the case of emergency the proper parties can be notified.

Campus Events

Registered Student Organizations are given the opportunity throughout the year to attend special events aimed to support, enhance, and increase memberships for their organizations. The following are forms related to events highly encouraged for organizations to attend.