Warning Grade Action Steps

Less-Than-Desirable Warning Grades? 

Take These Action Steps!

  • Honestly review your own performance/effort: Have you been heating your seat and attending class regularly?  Are you completing the necessary reading assignments and homework?
  • Meet with the faculty member who instructs each course for which you have had a four-week/ midterm warning grade posted. 
    • Ask for advice on how to improve your grade and share with the faculty member the whole truth as to why you believe you are struggling
    • Ask for extra help with the material you do not fully understand
  • Seek out tutoring services:
    • Institutional Tutoring Services (which cover many of the general courses, such as Math and English) are available on the 2nd Floor of the Library (main campus on Locust Ave.).  You may contact the department at 304-367-4081 and may also find much more detail online by visiting their website: www.fairmontstate.edu/tutoring.
    • Tutoring for subjects in specific programs of study also exist in most cases and are available through the umbrella academic unit.  Please inquire about this option with the course instructor.
  • Make a friend! Partner with another student who is doing well in the course with which you are struggling and ask to study with them ahead of quizzes and tests.  You should also seek out any class study groups that may have formed.
  • Meet with your assigned advisor (you may find his/her name in the FELIX web tool and may find contact information via the Campus Directories link in the bottom right-hand corner of either homepage) regarding your progress and ask his/her advice on how to improve your study skills

In addition to taking these action steps, you should also keep in mind that you are welcome to contact the Office of Retention for pointers, resources, and encouragement.  We are rooting for you and believe that you can get things back on track!  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way.

Email: Retention@fairmontstate.edu

Twitter: @OfficeRetention          

Phone: 304-333-3660