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Residency Impact


In order to apply for reclassification of residency at Fairmont State University, please complete and download and sign the Fairmont State Reclassification Application. The state requires that non-residents must show proof of residency in the state of West Virginia and that one is not residing in the state of West Virginia for the sole purpose of obtaining an education.  This determination is made by substantial and definitive documentation including but not limited to: proof of continuous residency in West Virginia for at least 12 months prior to attending a post-secondary institution, proof of payment of West Virginia income taxes, full-time (benefits eligible) employment in the state of West Virginia, lease, rental agreement or mortgage, WV vehicle registration, WV driver’s license, WV voter registration.  Applications must also submit a statement explaining their application and explaining why they believe that they should be considered an in-state student.

The WVHEPC has more information on residency classification for admission and fee purposes. 

Application Deadlines

A completed application must be received 2 weeks prior to the start of the term in order to be processed for that term.  Any residency applications received after that point will be reviewed for the subsequent semester.  Please note that attendance at the institution after an application has been submitted may affect the 12-month residency requirement.  As well, an application does not in any way guarantee approval and fees and tuition are still due in keeping with institutional policy.