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International Experience Impact

International Experience

Fairmont State College of Nursing has partnered with Woosong University in South Korea in order to broaden the cultural and global awareness of our students.  

Each year Korean nursing students are admitted to the ASN or BSN program. While on our campus, our students gain an appreciation of cross cultural nursing and health care. They develop leadership skills by mentoring the Korean students and learn how to communicate with individuals from another country.

Theresa Stemple, a Fairmont State nursing graduate stated, “I love having the Korean students around. They are a lot of fun! I was a little nervous about the communication aspect between us, but although they cannot speak as fluently as we do, of course, it isn't hard at all. It is nice to see what they think about our American way of doing things and to hear them talk about our culture opposed to theirs. It is so different, yet so similar in many ways.”