Expenses for International Students


1. Tuition and fees per academic year* (Fall & Spring semesters-32 weeks):
2. On campus room (double occupancy) & board 2017-18 academic year**:
3. Medical insurance***:
4. Books and supplies:
5. Other miscellaneous expenses:
TOTAL (9-month):

* The partial tuition waiver currently amounts to $3510. The tuition waiver does not cover laboratory technology fees, and other student activities fees, textbooks, or other incidentals.

Students should not come to the United States until they are certain that their first year’s expenses are fully covered and that there is the ability of meeting their expenses for the entire period of study without depending on employment. When they arrive, students should have extra money on hand for the first few months. They should understand that they will be spending more during this period than later. Students should have money transferred from home at regular intervals and maintain a source of emergency funds in the United States. International students may not apply for financial aid after admission at Fairmont State. Further, although international students in good academic standing are eligible for part-time employment after having been in non-immigrant student status for nine months, such opportunities are extremely limited and students should not depend on such employment to meet their expenses.

** Residence halls and the dining hall close during vacation periods. International students are required to make alternate room and board arrangements during those periods.

***Although the college makes available a physician and a registered nurse to examine and advise students in matters pertaining to their health, such services are limited in scope. All international students are required to procure health insurance before leaving their home country or apply for it immediately upon arrival on campus. Students, however, should be aware that most insurance plans do not cover all medical expenses. Information will be made available through Health Services and/or International Student Advisor.