Honors Senior Thesis

The Honors Program culminates in the Honors Senior Thesis, which serves as a capstone for your program study and as a launching point for your next step.

Students who began at Fairmont State University prior to Fall 2021 should see the Honors Director for guidance on completing their senior project.

Students who join the Honors Program during or after the Fall 2021 semester will complete their requirements for the senior project as follows:

  • HONR 4400 – Honors Thesis Design (3 credits)
    • Honors students will take HONR 4400 no earlier than the first semester of their junior year and no later than the first semester of their senior year. In this course, students will lay the groundwork for the completion of their senior thesis project in the following semester.
  • Honors Senior Thesis (3 credits)
    • Most students will complete their senior thesis project as a three credit independent research study in their major field, though exceptions may apply. Students will have considerable flexibility in determining an appropriate thesis project in consultation with a faculty mentor. Possibilities include (but are not limited to)
      • a traditional article-length research paper
      • an internship in an appropriate professional field
      • an artistic or creative production
  • Presentation of Honors Senior Thesis
    • Upon completion of their senior thesis project, Honors students will present their work in an appropriate venue. Options include, but are not limited to:
      • Presentations at the annual Celebration of Student Scholarship on campus
      • Presenting at a local, regional, or national conference
      • Poster presentations or performances in a suitable environment

Honors students who are majoring in nursing or education will have different requirements for the completion of their Honors senior thesis. Please see the section on curriculum requirements for details!