Officers of the Honors Association

The Honors Association leadership team typically meets weekly to plan activities and set the agenda for the monthly General Meeting. Any students who are interested in participating in the conversation are welcome to attend and should contact one of the officers or the Director of the Honors Program for details.


Madeline Puppos

Madeline Puppos is a junior with a double major in National Security/Intelligence and Spanish as well as a minor in political science. As President of the Honors Association, she leads the weekly Executive Board meetings and the monthly General Meetings, organizes virtual mini-events, and represents the Honors Association at the Honors Council meetings. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her friends and watch The Mandalorian and The Blacklist.

Vice President

Cam'Ron Allen

Cam’Ron Allen is a Junior from Martinsburg, WV. He is a Criminal Justice Major who can be found happily attending Alpha Phi Sigma Meetings and working with our mock CSI unit on campus.


Molly Simpson

Molly Simpson is from Blacksville, West Virginia and currently studies Secondary English Education and Psychology, with a minor in Community Health. As secretary of the Honors Association, Molly creates agendas for weekly meetings and helps coordinate honors activities. When she is not working with the Honors Association, she can be found painting, reading, and spending time outdoors on her farm.

Executive Committee Member

Cassidy Greenwood

Cassidy Greenwood is from Oak Hill, West Virginia and is a Junior Dual Major in Finance and Economics. Her responsibilities as Executive Committee Member is to engage in weekly meetings and assist the leadership members. She is also a member of the Investment Club, in the process of starting a Womens in Leadership Club, and is a Licensed Sales Agent for Boyce and Associates.

Executive Committee Member

David Davis

David Davis is from Belle, West Virginia and is a sophomore Computer Science and Math double major.  His responsibilities are supporting members of leadership in decision making and execution, attending weekly meetings, and Networking within the body of honors.