A group of Honors Program students standing in graduation regalia.

Welcome to the Honors Program

The Honors Program serves high-achieving and ambitious students at Fairmont State University. Honors students at Fairmont State benefit from participating in a deeply enriching intellectual environment, have the opportunity to form strong community bonds with their classmates and professors and are able to tailor their educational experience to best fit their academic and career goals. Regardless of your anticipated career path, you’ll find that participating in the Honors Program provides you with a strong foundation upon which you can build towards your goals – whether that involves pursuing advanced studies at the graduate level, stepping straight into your dream job when you’ve completed your degree, and/or becoming an engaged citizen of the global community.

I hope you’ll join us!

~ Dr. Robin K. Payne, Director of the Honors Program

Mission Statement

The Honors Program seeks to enhance and deepen the education of bright students by increasing their analytic skills, providing them with classroom experiences that encourage them to take charge of their education, helping them to undertake international travel, and supporting them on the path to wisdom. The Program encourages higher rates of retention and graduation as well as acceptance into graduate and professional schools.