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Application Impact


Application and Nomination Procedure

The opportunity to apply for a Graduate Assistantship shall be made available to all eligible graduate students in a department. Each department and/or program shall publicize the opportunity to all graduate students in the program. Each applicant for appointment as a Graduate Assistant shall complete and sign the Application for Graduate Assistantship form.  Departments are encouraged to maintain a pool of qualified applicants to fill positions when emergencies arise.

All nominations for appointment to a position of Graduate Assistant to perform any academic service under the auspices of Fairmont State University shall be made only after a complete review of the qualifications of the individual and upon the recommendation of the appropriate academic Dean and Graduate Program Director.

Prospective Graduate Assistants shall be approved on the basis of their qualifications and academic standing.

Access to applicant materials is limited to persons with authorized access in the conduct of University business. Individual applicants shall not have access to these files.

Applications for Graduate Assistantships are to be treated with the strictest confidentiality.  All deliberations on applications shall be conducted in executive session and remain confidential as provided by law. Violation of this confidentiality is considered to be unprofessional conduct and is grounds for disciplinary action.