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Publications are a key part of the Folklife Center's identity

Mountain Mother Goose:  Child Lore of West Virginia

Mountain Mother Goose:  Child Lore of West Virginia

Mountain Mother Goose:  Child Lore of West Virginia is an illustrated collection of children’s folklore—rhymes, riddles, games, lesson stories, and others--chanted and sung by children of Central Appalachia on the playground, recited in one-room schoolhouses, and echoed in backyards and small villages and farms that dotted the hills and valleys of West Virginia. Collected by Ruth Ann Musick and Walter Barnes from the early 20th century practically to its end, this collection traces the regional attitudes and traditions of American children at play over 100 years. The format and illustrations are appealing for use by and with children; extensive collection notes in the appendices provide detailed scholarly references.  ($30.00).


Traditions: A Journal of West Virginia Folk Culture and Educational Awareness

Each issue of Traditions: A Journal of West Virginia Folk Culture and Educational Awareness, contains previously-unpublished folklore collected by Ruth Ann Musick, articles on aspects of West Virginia folklife that may include music, storytelling, foodways, interviews, literary and arts applications of traditional lore, regional history, cultural heritage, educational programs, Folklife Center exhibitions, contributions by B. B. Maurer or Traditions Salute awardees, and other research into an expression of West Virginia’s folklife heritage. In each volume, a general theme is represented in the selected folklore and in some of the articles; themes have included Sense of Place, Animal Lore, Coal, Child Lore, Folklore of Belief, African Appalachian Lore, The Wise Woman, Ghost Lore, The Story, and others.  Fifteen volumes of Traditions are in circulation ($6.00 each). 

In The Mountains Curriculum

In the Mountain State

In the Mountain State: A West Virginia Folklore and Cultural Studies Curriculum, is a comprehensive introduction to West Virginia’s cultural heritage.  Initially created for use as a teacher’s guide for 4th and 8th grade West Virginia Studies programs, its ten units include Traditions and Customs, Material Culture, Language, Sense of Place, Local History, Nature Lore, Oral Literature, Folk Arts, Folk Music, and Written Literature (folk-influenced).  In the Mountain State is not presently available for purchase, but can be read in the Folklife Center library, Fairmont State’s Ruth Ann Musick Library, and in schools and libraries elsewhere in West Virginia.  ($25.00 each)



Hillchild is written about, for, and by children of West Virginia. It contains stories, poetry, drawing, folklore, cartoons, and more, many of which are sent in by students from across West Virginia. Publication is being funded in part by the West Virginia Humanities Council and Fairmont State.

Three volumes of Hillchild are in circulation ($3.00 each)

Literary Map

A Literary Map of West Virginia

A Literary Map of West Virginia The front of the map is dedicated to the oral literature that came before and highlights 35 authors from the 35th state. The reverse side of the map lists over 145 West Virginia writers. ($6.00 each+ $4.00 s&h)

Dulcimer Man

The Dulcimer Man, The Russell Fluharty Story

A 182 page, paperback book about an ancient stringed musical instrument known as the dulcimer and a man whose dream it was to preserve it. The dulcimer is a unique instrument, and this is the story of a unique man and his life. (ISBN 0-87012-723-3)($20.00 each)

Ruseel Fluharty "The Dulcimer Man" CD Cover

Russell Fluharty, "The Dulcimer Man,"

A CD of Russell Fluharty playing the hammered dulcimer is available through the Folklife Center. These 18 traditional folk songs are a reissuing of an LP, arranged and presented by Russell Fluharty, entitled West Virginia Heritage: Featuring Russell Fluharty, "The Dulcimer Man," with permission of the family and in collaboration with the Vandalia Heritage Foundation's Legacy Program. ($15.00 each)


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