Academic Minors

Folklore Studies Minor

(Department of Language and Literature):

The 19-hour Folklore Studies minor can be attached to most liberal arts majors. A Folklore Studies specialization provides a background for professional involvement in such areas as preservation, cultural heritage and historical parks and museums management, teaching, archiving, curating, entertainment, storytelling, writing, traditional arts, and graduate studies. The insights into cultural contexts gained from a background in folklore studies can enhance such professions as education, psychology, and sociology.

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Museum Studies Minor

(Department of Social Sciences​):

Students who complete the 18-hour minor in Museum Studies receive a solid foundation in the various components of museum practices, including collections management, exhibit development and production, museum interpretation and education, and a broad understanding of museum concepts.  Students are prepared for positions in museums of all kinds (history, natural history, art), historic sites, parks, archives, as well as for graduate studies.  A background in Museum Studies can augment skills in education, art, and public history.

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