Swimming Lessons

Private Swim Lessons


Are you interested in private lesson scheduled around YOUR TIME?

LEARN TO SWIM YEAR ROUND! Fairmont State University offers private swimming lessons in the Falcon Center. Perfect for anyone learning to swim and continuing to improve their swimming skills. The Falcon Center pool is entirley shallow and heated to around 84 degrees. Lessons are one-on-one instruction by a certified lifeguard in the Falcon Center Pool.

Lessons are for patrons ages 1 years old and up. Following the American Red Cross Guidlines, any children 3 years of age or younger, will be put under Parent & Child Aquatics class guildlines.  These guidlines require a parent/guarding to enter the water with the child during the entire lesson.   



$20 per lesson 
All lessons are non-refundable.  


Book a Lesson

Step 1: Visit our online payment system. Visit http://falconrec.fairmontstate.edu

Step 2: On the right side of the page, select "Search For Courses"

Step 3: At the "Currently Viewing" section, please ensure it states "Spring 2017" 

Step 4: Click on Private Swim Lessons

Step 5: Choose your date and time.  To the right of each date, if it states "1 spot available" then the lesson is available to book. If it states "0 spots available, then the lesson is not available. ***If a date or time is NOT listed, then there are no lessons offered for that specific date or time. You may select as many lessons as you wish. Entire balance must be paid in full prior to lessons being scheduled.

Please note:  Swim lessons are non-refundable is the lesson is missed by the client.  Refunds will only be given if lessons are cancelled due to weather (lightning and/or Thunder).