Aquatics Rules & Policies

Violations of the general rules or any conduct, which many endanger or impair the safety of anyone, may be cause for permanent removal from the Aquatics Facility. The Lifeguards, Student Supervisors, and or professional staff reserves the right to remove patrons for any other violations not listed.


1. No one will be allowed in the swimming area unless the pool is officially open and a lifeguard is on duty. Entering the pool area when it is not open for public use is prohibited and may be considered a trespass.

2. All persons entering the pool area must pay the appropriate admission fee or present proof of a valid membership or program registration (e.g. program pass, designated lanyard, or receipt).

3. Admission fees must be paid by all persons three (3) years of age and older upon entry to outdoor pool, Natatorium or White Building pools. Persons leaving the outdoor pool should ask to be stamped to gain re-admission. Persons without a stamp will need to pay a separate admission fee to enter. Admission to the outdoor pool does not include admission to any of the indoor facilities.

4. Organized groups must follow all policies and must be directly supervised at poolside by an adult. All groups must schedule their visits in advance.

5. Lifeguards and Natatorium staff have the authority to enforce all pool rules. Patrons who repeatedly violate the rules or reasonable requests of staff may be ejected from the facility.


1. Food or refreshments may be consumed in designated areas of the outdoor pool, including the picnic and grassy areas. Picnic baskets/coolers are permitted in the grass area. All bags, baskets and coolers are subject to inspection. No grills, gas or electric cooking devices may be brought into the pool premises.

2. Food and drinks (other than water in an appropriate plastic container) are not permitted on the pool decks (indoors or outdoors) except in designated seating areas.

3. Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs and pets are not permitted. Service animals are permitted in the pool area but not in the pool itself.

4. Employees are the only persons allowed in staff rooms, filter room, chemical storage areas and offices.

5. Smoking is not permitted indoors or within the fenced in area at the outdoor pool.

6. The outdoor pools may be closed and cleared periodically for a safety check or to apply chemicals. This 
is a good time to head to the restrooms while our staff check and adjust chemicals to ensure proper sanitation of swimming pool water.
An Equal Opportunity University


1. All patrons within the pool area must be attired in swimming apparel. No street clothes are allowed in the pool. Clothing such as cut-offs, gym shorts and underwear is not permitted as swimwear.
Swimwear should not have been worn for exercising immediately prior to pool use as soiled clothing can create an unhealthy swimming environment. All clothing must be colorfast and lightweight material suitable for swimwear, such as Lycra, Spandex or nylon.

2. Rash guards, which are more tight-fitting, designed for in-water use and which offer protection from the sun, will be permitted.


1. Socializing with or distracting pool staff, including lifeguards, is prohibited.

2. No person within the pool area shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of
 himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, shall be grounds for

3. Loitering will not be permitted on the pool grounds or within any of its facilities.

4. Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, offensive or disruptive
 splashing or yelling, diving or jumping without care and caution, snapping of towels, improper conduct causing undue disturbances on or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any patron are prohibited.

5. Spitting, spouting water, blowing nose, urinating or defecating in the pool is prohibited.

6. No prolonged underwater swimming for time and/or distance. Competitive or repetitive breath holding 
can be deadly and is not permitted. Hyperventilation is absolutely not permitted.

7. Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool area for health and safety reasons.



1. Infants/children who are not toilet trained and adults who are incontinent, who wish to enter any pool, must wear a clean diaper or disposable swim diaper covered by separate rubber/vinyl pants, all of which must fit snugly around the legs and waist. If the diaper becomes soiled, this person must exist the pool immediately and may not return until he/she has taken or been given a soap shower and has been covered by a new diaper with clean rubber/vinyl pants.

2. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult supervisor (age 18+).

3. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted in the pool area.

4. Any injury occurring in the pool must be reported to a lifeguard or pool supervisor immediately.

5. All patrons must take a cleansing soap shower before entering the water.

6. Any person having a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable 
disease or who is wearing any kind of bandage or Band-Aid to cover an open (unhealed) wound will not 
be permitted in the pool.

7. Any adult or child who is experiencing even a mild case of diarrhea may not use the pool. Persons with 
diarrhea should wait two weeks after symptoms end before returning to the pool. Pathogens of concern may still be shed up to two weeks following the end of symptoms.


1. Swim toys, balls and the like may be used at the discretion of the supervisor on duty.

2. Inner tubes, inflatable boats and rafts, or inflatable bathing suits are not permitted in the pools.

3. Coast Guard approved and labeled life jackets designed to provide vertical support may be worn. Water
wings (“swimmies”) may not be worn. No back floats, bubbles, rings (including those built into bathing 
suits) or one-sided floatation devices are permitted.

4. Face masks and snorkels may not be used by children except during approved instructional programs.
Goggles are permitted.

5. The use of starting blocks is restricted to approved swim practices, swim meets and instructional programs only under the direct supervision of a properly trained instructor/coach.

6. Headphones/earbuds must be worn when listening to musical entertainment devices.


1. Note & Float policies and procedures must be followed. Persons who cannot pass the swim test will be restricted to shallow areas of the pools. Those under 4 feet tall must wear a life jacket.

2. The American Red Cross cautions against diving into water less than 9 feet deep. No diving will be permitted in water less than 5 feet deep.

3. Lanes will be reserved for those persons wishing to swim lengths undisturbed. Persons not swimming lengths should remain in other pool areas.

4. Lap lanes are intended for multiple swimmers. Lap swimmers should arrange themselves by speed in the lanes. It is not uncommon to swim four or more people to a lane if similar pacing is used. Speed markers are available for your use to designate Slow, Medium, and Fast lanes. When swimming long course (50m), each lane can easily accommodate eight to ten adults with proper swimming etiquette. Challenges arise when you insert yourself into a lane that is too fast or too slow for your speed.

5. For effective use, lap swimmers should swim counterclockwise near the lane markers and pass in the middle when more than 2 swimmers are in a lane. Much like driving, swimmers should stay to the right while swimming in the lane, and pass on the left.

6. Stop only at turning walls. Move to the side to allow others to turn and continue. Turns are made in the center of the lane at the wall.

7. Lifeguards may ask to move you to another lane to more closely match your swimming pace. Please comply as this will make everyone’s swim more enjoyable.




Rescheduling The Party

In the event that the party needs to be rescheduled, the Falcon Center must be contacted at least a week prior to the event otherwise the original scheduled party date will stand. 


  • Staff reserves the right to close the pool due to inclement weather.



  1. All camera usage must be approved by a member of the Promotion’s staff or by an Manager.
  2. Proper forms for camera usage must be completed prior to taking pictures.



  1.  All users must shower before entering.
  2. Please enter and exit slowly and cautiously.
  3. Long exposure to hot tubs may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.
  4. There will be a 10 minute time limit.
  5. Individuals cannot completely submerge themselves in the spa.
  6. The spa is not advised for individuals with heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy or emotional disorders.
  7. Pregnant women are advised against using the hot tub.
  8. Children 16 years and under are not allowed to use the Jacuzzi.
  9. Do not use the hot tub while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  10. People with open wounds or infectious diseases are not permitted in the hot tub.



  1. Bathing suits are required
  2. Individuals must shower before using sauna.
  3. Shower after using sauna and before entering pool.
  4. No newspapers, magazines or paper products are permitted in sauna.
  5. Wear or sit on a towel to protect wood from perspiration.
  6. People with open wounds or infectious diseases are not permitted in the sauna.
  7. Do not put water on the sauna heater.
  8. Children16 years and under are not allowed to use the sauna.
  9. Long exposure to the sauna may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting. There will be a 15 minute limit while in use.

For your safety in the Sauna The Falcon Center staff recommends you:

  1. Allow a 5-minute cool down period following exercise and before entering sauna.
  2. Limit your exposure to 10 minutes per sitting.
  3. Allow a 5-minute cool down period after exiting sauna.
  4. Drink plenty of water before and after using sauna.
  5. Remove all jewelry.