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Student Publications Impact

Student Publications

Journalism students are required to work with student media from the list below.

The Columns

campus newspaper – Students gain experience as staff reporter/writers, page designers, photographers, columnists, cartoonists, or editors.

As the students’ newspaper, The Columns, focuses on innovative timely issues that are relevant to campus, national and world issues.  We strive to provide our campus and surrounding community with factual information that reveals the truth about public concerns.  We are a student publication, so most importantly, this is a learning experience for all of our staff members.  It is our goal to improve journalistic knowledge, writing and reporting techniques.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”  Lincoln’s words are an inspiration to The Columns’ dedication to constantly learn and pursue knowledge.

I hope you will join our staff and enjoy the satisfactions of reporting on campus events through social media and traditional print publications!  I enjoy reading, writing, outdoor activities and gardening.  I hope to become a person who can help others through my humanitarian interests.

-Brad Riffee
Editor-in-chief, The Columns
English Major
Technical Writing Minor


campus yearbook – Students gain experience as staff writers, photographers, designers, or editor.

The Mound covers college life. Inside the yearbook there are sections for “Student Life,” “Academics,” “Sports,” and “Organizations.” “Student Life” pertains to the activities that the schools offer for its students, such as Welcome Weekend and Homecoming. “Academics” focuses on the different students in sectors of the schools for both Fairmont and Pierpont, and “Sports” focuses on our sports teams and their games. The last section, “Organizations,” centers on different clubs or Greek life that students are involved in.

Working for the yearbook is a great experience. You get to meet to meet different people, and are introduced to different organizations that are able to offer you a new way at looking at school and life. You are also able to explore what different things that the school has to offer students for work, education, and leisure.

After graduation I hope to get a job in which I can apply my English and Spanish skills before obtaining my MBA.

-Amber McNutt
Editor, The Mound
English Major
Spanish Major
New Cumberland, WV


literary and art journal – Students gain experience producing literary pieces like poetry and short stories as well as works of art, organization of the publication, and editor.

Whetstone is an award-winning undergraduate literature and art publication focused on creating communication between the submitters and editors not only to create a more enjoyable and beautiful journal, but to help everyone involved to develop their skills with and appreciation of the many aspects of publication.

My work on Whetstone focuses on continuing the tradition of producing a strong journal that exhibits the abilities of Fairmont State students by encouraging staff members and submitters to increase their skills through collaboration, but it also includes working to give the submitters the recognition they deserve.

-Christopher J. Vance
Editor, Whestone
English Major
Spanish Major
Philosophy Minor
Barbour County, WV