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Faculty Success & Course Evaluations Impact

Faculty Success & Course Evaluations

To maintain the highest level of teaching, research, service, and learning across the University, Fairmont State provides access to and supports faculty activity reporting and course evaluations through Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) and Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT).

Faculty Success

To better support faculty through promotion and tenure, highlight faculty accomplishments, decrease redundancies in accreditation reporting, and increase the ease of workflows, Fairmont State utilizes Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures), a web-based application available to faculty through This tool serves as a one-stop-shop for faculty to record their academic and professional activities, customize CVs, and record their workload and allows deans and chairs to conduct faculty evaluations through one unified process.

Faculty Success FAQ

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations provide students with the opportunity to provide critical feedback to faculty on their courses. The University takes these evaluations seriously. Faculty and administrators engaged in improving students’ learning use student feedback to enhance their own teaching, improve future course quality, and augment students’ overall learning experiences across curricula and course modalities.

End-of-semester course evaluations are made available to all students enrolled in a creditable Fairmont State University class. All evaluations are administered online through Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT), and can also be accessed through Blackboard. The University no longer employs paper course evaluations.

Evaluation Total Sent Responses Response Rate
Fall 2019 Course Evaluations 17,172 15,900 92.59%
Fall 2020 Course Evaluations 17,702 7,508 42.41%
Fall 2021 Second Seven-Week and Full-term Course Evaluations 14,307 3,151 22.02%
Fall 2021 First Seven-Week Course Evaluations 113 19 16.81%
Spring 2020 Course Evaluations 15,585 6,520 41.84%
Spring 2021 Second Seven-Week and Full-term Course Evaluations 14,262 2,479 17.38%
Spring 2021 First Seven-Week Course Evaluations 193 46 23.83%
Summer 2020 Course Evaluations 198 137 69.19%
Summer 2021 First Five-Week Course Evaluations 271 47 17.34%
Summer 2021 Second Five-Week Course Evaluations 256 30 11.72%
Summer 2021 Full Term Course Evaluations 925 225 24.32%
Winter Term 2020 Course Evaluations 305 229 75.08%
Winter Term 2021 Course Evaluations 339 84 24.78%
Spring 2022 First Seven-Week Course Evaluations 172 40 23.26%
Spring 2022 Second Seven-Week and Full-term Course Evaluations 13721 2618 19.08%

Course Evaluation and Evaluation Kit Students FAQ

Course Evaluation and Evaluation Kit Faculty and Staff FAQ