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Inactive Policies Impact

Inactive Policies

Policy Title Last Action
R-08 Social Justice Repealed on 09-15-2022
R-09 Sexual Harassment Replaced on 12-05-2019
R-16 Tuition and Fee Policy Replaced on 05-21-2020
R-20 Regulations Regarding Grants, Service, and Contracts Repealed on 08-20-2020
R-29 Open Meetings Repealed on 08-20-2020
R-30 Separate Academic and Faculty Personnel Policies Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-39 Drug-Free Workplace Repealed on 08-20-2020
R-42 Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-44 Financial Partnership Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-45 Shared Courses Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-46 Mission Statement Review Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-49 Joint Operating Agreement for Academic Programs Repealed on 10-19-2023
R-54 Bookstore Policy Revised on 06-06-2019
R-GA-01 Rule Regarding Discrimination, Harassment Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Misconduct, Stalking, Retaliation, and Relationships Revised on 02-18-2021