Alternative Billing

Alternative billing options do exist.  Students who are interested in a payment plan solution should review the FIPS page on their FELiX account.  All housing fees and meal plan costs are covered by this plan.  

For any other issues with payment, please contact our office or the Financial Aid Office

How to Pay Bills

Primarily, bills are paid either online, through each student's FELiX account, or from a student's financial aid package.  Financial aid is applied just before the beginning of each semester, and can be reviewed or changed by contacting the Financial Aid Office.  Otherwise, Housing and Residence Life charges are due at the same time as all tuition and university fees, and is considered as part of this large lump sum for all billing purposes.


Residence Hall Rates


Bryant Place Room                              Rate per Semester
Single $3,460.00
Double    $2,924.00


Morrow Hall Room                               Rate per Semester
Double $1,600.00
Double with Bathroom $1,800.00
Quad with Bathroom $1,800.00
Super Single $2,100.00


Prichard Hall Room  Rate per Semester
Double                                                   $2,511.00


University Terrace Room Rate per Semester
Studio Single Apartment $4,868.00
Double Apartment $4,140.00
Quad Apartment $3,911.00
Semi-Suite, Academic Year $3,109.00


Meal Plan Rates


Meal Plan Options

Traditional 15 Meal Plan: $2,287.00 ($250.00 Flex) per semester
This plan allows you to swipe 15 meals per week, including weekends in the dining hall. 

Traditional 19 Meal Plan: $2,378.00 (175.00 Flex) per semester
This plan allows you to swipe 19 meals offered per week, including weekends in the dining hall. 

Block Meal Plans

The Ultimate: $2,506.00 (350.00 Flex) per semester
This plan allows you to swipe 210 times (210 meals) in the dining hall. 

Eating Made Easy: $2,057.00 (300.00 Flex) per semester
This plan allows you to swipe 160 times (160 meals) in the dining hall. 

Commuter Plans

On the Go*: $493.00 per semester - declining balance

Falcon Fuel*: $218.00 per semester - declining balance 

*The "On the Go" & Falcon Fuel plans are only for students who are commuting, living in the apartments, OR needing to reload a block plan.

If you wish to change your meal plan contact The Office of Residence Life to make this change.  You can stop in our office or send us an email at

Flex Dollars can be used at any dining facility on campus. 

Meal Plans can only be changed through the first week of classes.