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Staying in Touch Impact

Staying in Touch

Unfortunately, our department is held to many federal, state, and internal guidelines that restrict the sorts of information that we may communicate with parents and family.  The members of our staff, from Desk Monitors to RAs to Office Assistants and more, will not be allowed to answer most questions about a student's well-being, conduct history, current arrangements, financial history, personal life, or much else.  As such, the most effective way to stay updated about your student is direct communication with him or her.  Luckily, we offer several services to benefit students who wish to stay in touch. 

Visitation Policies

Our visitation philosophy tries to strike a balance between convenience and accessibility for guests and respecting the rights of other residents to quiet, privacy, and safety.  Visitation policies also apply to family, so we ask that all students communicate our check-in procedures and visitation hours to all guests.  Daytime visitation is available every day until midnight, and eligible guests can also stay overnight as outlined in our Residence Life Guidebook.  

Family Events

Many on-campus events are designed to include family members in the fun!  Welcome Weekend, Family Weekend, and other public events invite parents to visit our campus.  For more information about specific events, please review our calendars.

Care Packages & Mail Services

All of our residence halls have individual mailboxes for every student, and mail is sorted daily.  Packages of any size can be stored in our mailroom until the student is able to pick it up in person.  Individual addresses can be found for each building here on our website, or by asking one of our staff members. We offer regular Care Packages services.