B.S. Degree in Aviation Administration

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The Fairmont State College of Business & Aviation has two concentrations for Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration:

Professional Flight Concentration

The Professional Flight Option at Fairmont State University is one option of the three program options offered under the Aviation Center of Excellence. Students admitted to this selective program have the opportunity to gain a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Technology with an emphasis in business in aviation while simultaneously completing the flight hours and training required to obtain their private, instrument, and commercial ratings. The main objective of the Professional Flight Option at Fairmont State University is to educate aspiring pilots to be well-rounded and complete aviation professionals. Our goal is to graduate not just a pilot but an exceptional aviator and student overall. The Fairmont State University Aviation Center of Excellence is the only FAA-approved CFR Part 141 Program in the State of West Virginia.

Aviation Management Concentration

Successful graduates of the Fairmont State University Aviation Center of Excellence Aviation Management Option should expect to pursue a myriad of career opportunities. Graduates of our program have successfully pursued careers in the following fields, among others.

Airport Management: Airport Managers oversee the operations of airport facilities. Small airports may employ only one manager, while larger airports may require multiple managers. Airport managers enforce Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, manage relations with airlines and supervise building and runway maintenance. The Aviation Center of Excellence option in Aviation Management can also provide you with the skills to negotiate contracts with airport vendors or supervise other airport staff.

Air Traffic Control: An air traffic controller is responsible for the movement of airplanes, ensuring safe and efficient flow of traffic through a specific air space. Air traffic controllers use radar to monitor plane movement and ensure that a safe distance is maintained between planes at all times. The Aviation Center of Excellence option in Aviation Management will give a successful graduate with the desire to pursue a degree in air traffic control the specific skills needed to inform and advise pilots on weather conditions and regulate airport arrivals and departures.

Airline Management Positions: The opportunities in Airline Management are many and varied, and often have to do with managing the revenue of the airline, marketing, or operations. A Corporate Aviation Manager is someone who holds a leadership position with an airline. They may be a top-level executive or they may hold management jobs in Human Resources or Marketing. Airline Managers are responsible for overseeing all activities within the company and/or their specific department. In airline companies, they may be involved in planning and implementing company-wide improvement strategies. The Aviation Center of Excellence option in Aviation Management will equip students with the skills necessary to analyze route profitability, plan flight routes, form alliances with other airlines, and create marketing strategies.

Airport Security Manager: Airport Security Managers maintain the security of the airport and ensure compliance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) directives and Airport Security Program requirements. Security is of the utmost importance in any airport. Airport Security Managers are also in charge of managing all security measures taken at their airport, conducting a daily inspection of security, and planning and implementing evacuation strategies in the case of an emergency. The Aviation Center of Excellence option in Aviation Management will equip you with the skills necessary to perform these duties.

For more information please contact our Program Coordinator:

Sandy Coleman
Fairmont State University Aviation Program Coordinator
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