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Aviation Fees Impact

Aviation Fees

Summary Flat Fee (Only Partially Refunded) Additional Costs for FAA Exam Est. Total Non-Refundable Portion of Flat Fee
(AVMA 1103)
$12,763 $825 $13,588 $5,188
(AVMA 2204)
$12,920 $825 $13,745 $5,665
(AVMA 3306)
$27,683 $825 $28,508 $8,378
Totals $53,366 $2,475 $55,841 $19,231

Beginning August 2017, all students enrolling in AVMA 1103, AVMA 2204, and AVMA 3306 flight labs will be assessed a Flat Fee as indicated in the chart above. A portion of each Flat Fee is non-refundable. Any unused portion of the remaining refundable Flat Fees funds will be returned upon request, providing the request is submitted before the 1-year anniversary of the start of the course.