Community Memberships

Community Membership

  • Individual Yearly Member: $400 
  • Family (2 Members): $500 (One adult member & one spouse/domestic partner or dependent) 
  • Family (3 or more Members): $700 (Member, spouse/domestic partner & all dependents) 
  • Individual Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer): $150 (dates align with academic semesters) 
  • Alumni Individual Yearly Member: $360, 2-Family Yearly ($450), 3-Family Yearly ($630) 
  • Military/Veteran Individual Yearly Member: $360, 2-Family Yearly ($450), 3-Family Yearly ($630) 
  • Senior Citizen Individual Yearly Member: $360, 2-Family Yearly ($450) 
  • Life Long Learner Individual Yearly Member: $360

*A dependent is eligible for up to 24 years old.
*Documentation required for marriage/domestic partnership and dependent status.

For further options to utilize the Falcon Center, please contact the reception desk at 304-368-7222.

Become a Member

You can become a member of the Falcon Center is three easy steps in any order:
  1. PAYMENT: Visit our online payment system to purchase your membership online (instructions below), or sign up at the Falcon Center. 
  2. ID & PARKING PASS: Visit the Falcon Center to have your ID Card made and to pick up your parking pass (not applicable for employees)

Instructions for Online Payment:
Step 1: Visit our online payment system.
Step 2: Choose "Membership" icon.
Step 3: Create a login account for FREE (employees use current uca/log-in)
Step 4: Select your membership category and pay online.

Any questions, call 304-367-4783.