Reservation Pricing

For external prices, contact Conference Services by CLICKING HERE.



External Prices
- Full Day Partial Day Call Conference Services 
Gym 1 $350 N/A Call Conference Services
Gym 2 $350 N/A Call Conference Services
Colebank $300 N/A Call Conference Services
Main Street $0 $0 Call Conference Services
Multipurpose Rooms $15/hr N/A Call Conference Services
Board Room $70 $50 Call Conference Services
Conference Rooms (1,2 or 3) $70 $50 Call Conference Services
Conference Area (All 3 Rooms) $200 $140 Call Conference Services
*Falcon Center Pool (2hrs in pool)     Call Falcon Center


The internal daily cost covers labor expenses which includes set-up, tear-down, cleaning of the space and also replacement needs.  Each additional day not utilizing set-up and tear-down will be at a 50% discount.

**Reservations of the pool do NOT indicate exclusiveness of the aquatic facility. The pool will remain open to members of the Falcon Center at all times*

Gym 1 & 2 - Prices Per Hour

Individual Basketball Court (Gym 1 or 2) $27.50/hr


Colebank - Prices Per Hour

Individual Basketball Court $35/hr

*Gym rentals (including Colebank) are only available to outside youth organizations (18 years & under) from 4:00-5:30p during the week (Monday through Thursday) throughout semester months (August through December & January through May).

**External reservations are subject to change based on University needs.