Are you interested in promoting your programs to the students of FSU and Pierpont in a high traffic area?
There are two ways you can promote information in/on the Main Street area: 
Big Screen Announcements & Banners.
Falcon Center Banner
*Click on image for full size


Big Screen Announcements

The big screen visibly located in the Nickel seating area is an ideal way for students to learn about your programs or announcements. The announcements run during all operating business hours of the Falcon Center. There is no charge and we encourage all faculty/staff to utilize the screen to reach the students.


Promoting on the sign flash screen can be done with Full Screen Images in JPG format.

Converting a word document into JPEG format, CLICK HERE.
Converting a publisher file into JPEG format, CLICK HERE. 
Converting a picture file into JPEG format, CLICK HERE. 

To submit a request, understand:
The Announcements/Flyers will only be shown within one month of the event/end date.
2.  A
nnouncement/flyer will NOT be shown if the request is longer than one month from your event/end date.

To submit a request, please CLICK HERE.


Students, Faculty/Staff, Clubs, Student Organizations may use banners inside the Falcon Center to promote information. 

Must be approved by 
Jacqueline Inskeep before hanging in the Falcon Center. To contact Jacqueline, CLICK HERE.

Organizations are not permitted to hang banners themselves - and no banners from Parking Garage are allowed by clubs. No exceptions. 

Size Limitations:
Maximum size is a Twin Sheet Size only.  Must be horizontally configured & have rope attached from two corners for display.



Falcon Center Phone:  304-368-7222
Falcon Center Email:


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