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Certification Impact


Teacher Certification and Graduation

All teacher candidates (Graduate and Undergraduate) must apply for graduation in the Enrollment Services Offices. The fee and application are required to receive the degree even if the candidate does not plan to attend Commencement services.

Documents to apply for teacher certification can be found on the West Virginia Department of Education site.

The fee is $35 and must be paid online to the West Virginia Department of Education.

Teacher candidates will need to send a copy of the payment and will need to request an official transcript from the Fairmont State University Enrollment Services office to be sent to Joyce Rose, ED 345.

The West Virginia Department of Education requires a criminal background check to be completed by the West Virginia State Police and the FBI. The appointment for the background check can be scheduled at or by calling them at 855-766-7746. Related costs are also listed on their website.


Successful completion of the appropriate PRAXIS II Specialty Area test(s) and PLT are requirements for licensure. A report of the Specialty Area Test(s) and PLT scores must accompany the application for licensure to the West Virginia Department of Education. If the test scores do not meet the state minimum score, the application must be held pending receipt of acceptable scores. Candidates should keep in mind that a denial of licensure at the time of graduation may subject them to changes in program requirements if they seek licensure later.

In order to identify the appropriate testing dates, times, locations, etc., for any given year, candidates should check the PRAXIS Bulletin for the year in question.

University Recommended Prerequisite Certification

University recommendation shall take into consideration Chapter 18A, Section 3, Article 1, of the West Virginia School Law, which reads (1) A certificate to teach may be granted only to any person who is: (a) A citizen of the United States, except as provided in subdivision; (2) of this subsection; (b) Is of good moral character; (c) Physically, mentally and emotionally qualified to perform the duties of a teacher; and (d) At least 18 years on or before the first day of October of the year in which his or her certificate is issued.

The issuance of an original certificate shall require:

  1. The recommendation of the Dean of Teacher Education, in consultation with the supervisor of student teachers and chairperson of the department offering the student's chosen specialization. This recommendation is expected to reflect, in addition to academic criteria, satisfactory performance on the part of the applicant in a typical classroom situation.
  2. An official statement by the Dean of Teacher Education that the approved program has been completed in full.