IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

Federal Tax, WV State Tax, and Social Security Tax are not withheld on premiums for PEIA Basic Health, PEIA Optional Life Insurance up to $50,000, and Mountaineer Flexible Benefit Plans (except the Legal Plan).  Changes to pre-tax plans are permitted during Open Enrollment (April 1-30) with an effective date of July 1, or with an IRS approved qualifying event. 

Qualifying Life Event restrictions:

  • PEIA health plan changes are allowed during the month of the family status change event or the following (2) calendar months.
  • Mountaineer Flexible Benefit plan changes (dental, vision, hearing, spending accounts) are allowed within 60 days of the qualifying family change event.

Qualifying Life Events:

  • Marriage or divorce of the employee
  • Birth or adoption of the employee's child
  • Death of the employee's spouse or dependent
  • End of spouse or dependent's employment
  • Unpaid leave of absence taken by the employee or spouse
  • Open enrollment by spouse's employer benefits plan
  • Significant change in the health coverage attributable to spouse's employment
  • Ineligibility of dependent child due to age or due to availability of their own employer-sponsored coverage as a policyholder
  • Employment change due to strike or lock-out

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