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Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Impact

Mountaineer Flexible Benefits

The Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan is sponsored by the Public Employees Insurance Agency. The premiums for the plans, except for the Legal Plan, are pre-tax. Review the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan Booklet each April during Open Enrollment for July 1 changes. Only an IRS “qualifying” family status change allows plan changes during the plan year.

Note: FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is an IRS approved tax-free account that saves you money on eligible medical and dependent care expenses. You authorize per-pay-period deductions from your salary before federal, state, and social security taxes are calculated. As eligible expenses are incurred, you request tax-free withdrawals from your account to reimburse yourself.  At the end of the plan year a grace period allows you to incur expenses and submit claims for these expenses.

Plans currently available through this program: