The Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan is sponsored by the Public Employees Insurance Agency. The premiums for the plans, except for the Legal Plan, are pre-tax. Review the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan Booklet each April during Open Enrollment for July 1 changes. Only an IRS “qualifying” family status change allows plan changes during the plan year.

Note: FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is an IRS approved tax-free account that saves you money on eligible medical and dependent care expenses. You authorize per-pay-period deductions from your salary before federal, state, and social security taxes are calculated. As eligible expenses are incurred, you request tax-free withdrawals from your account to reimburse yourself.  At the end of the plan year a grace period allows you to incur expenses and submit claims for these expenses.

Plans currently available through this program:

• Medical Expense FSA:
Allows reimbursement for eligible uninsured medical expenses incurred for yourself, your spouse and  your dependents. Eligible expenses include medical and prescription co-pays and deductibles; dental, and vision expenses, and some over-the-counter expenses.

• Dependent Care FSA:
Allows reimbursement for eligible expenses for child or adult and elder care costs that allow you and your spouse to work.

Health Savings Account (HSA): (PEIA Plan C members only)
A tax free account used to pay health care expenses for enrollees of a High Deductible health plan. The account is owned by the employee, and can be set up through FBMC or a local bank. Check the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits booklet for details.

Limited Use Medical Expense FSA (w/HSA): (PEIA Plan C members only)
Funds set aside pre-tax can only be used for dental, vision, and preventive care expenses not covered by the PEIA high deductible health plan.
• Dental Care (WV#1058):
Delta Dental of WV offers three different plans.  Each plan has deductibles and plan year maximums. Only the Enhanced plan pays for crowns, bridges and orthodontia.
Employees will get the best price by using a network dentist.  Network dentists will file your claims; employee will pay a non-network dentist for services, and file their own claim. or 1-800-932-0783

• Vision Care:
The Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers two plans to help pay for eye care needs. Employees may select either plan.  Full Service Plan pays for glasses and frames or contacts in the same year.  By using a network doctor, the cost will be less. Exam Plus Plan is a discount plan. However, employees are required to use a VSP member doctor. or 1-800-877-7195

Note: ID Cards for the Dental and Vision plans are not required to obtain services.  However, instructions to print cards are included in the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan Booklet. Please retain your Mountaineer Benefits Booklet for plan phone numbers and addresses.

• Hearing Healthcare:
Plan provides discounts on hearing exam, hearing aid device, batteries, etc.

• Group Legal Plan:
Provides assistance for employees with legal needs, such as wills, powers of attorney, deed preparation, sale/purchase of your home. Employees may use either a network  attorney or their own attorney. 

Visit the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Plan web-site:  or call 855-5MY-FBMC or 855-569-3262

Mountaineer Flexible response guide is also available on PEIA's web-site:

Contact Info

Ginger Burns
Program Coordinator, Sr.
Benefits Office
Room 324 Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 367-4113
FAX: (304) 367-4850


Colleen Roberts
Benefits Office
324 Hardway Hall
Phone: (304) 333-3629
Fax: (304) 367-4850

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