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Study Abroad Impact

Study Abroad

Study abroad can be an important part of any program of study at Fairmont State. International experience develops a global perspective and human connections with the world at home and abroad. Students who choose to study internationally enhance their career possibilities and further their personal development. A variety of opportunities are available to fit the goals and situation of many students. The International Study Coordinator will help to identify appropriate programs and register intent to participate. Fairmont State students have successfully completed programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with program length ranging from one week to one academic year. Programs are carefully screened to allow for transfer of credit back to Fairmont State University upon successful completion. With advance planning and approval, students will not fall behind on progress toward their degree.

Study abroad is appropriate for students seeking any degree on campus. In addition to broadening experience and gaining confidence, students gain insight into higher education in other countries and the daily lives of their fellow students. This perspective adds depth of knowledge to their program of study, and to their future career in any field.

A relationship with our affiliate KEI offers students the opportunity to transfer financial aid and scholarship packages to their study abroad experience. Students are also eligible for an affiliate discount on KEI semester programs. Students may incorporate language learning into their study abroad experience. Cultural immersion is an excellent way to acquire language skills. Students may also choose to study at an English-language university, found in many countries even where English is not the official language. The situation varies greatly with each student and each program.

It is important that students and faculty work closely with the International Study Coordinator whenever they leave the country under university sponsorship. We have developed procedures to support safety and security abroad, and to respond efficiently in an emergency situation. The Office of International Study monitors international situations in order to make wise decisions together with our international


Fairmont State University offers experiences in the following categories of international study travel :

  • A week-long trip embedded in an Fairmont State course
  • A summer trip with Fairmont State faculty
  • A semester, year, or summer abroad at a KEI affiliate program site
  • A semester, year, or summer abroad with a program administered by a college or university in West Virginia (WVU, West Liberty, WVSU, etc.)
  • A semester, year, or summer abroad with a third party administrator (see listings online).
    • Students who choose this option may be unable to transfer financial aid and scholarships to use during their time away. They will need to fill out paperwork in advance with the Office of International Study to determine whether credits will transfer.
  • Complete the Fairmont State study abroad authorization paperwork


To qualify for a study abroad experience, students must :

  • Be enrolled at Fairmont State
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have completed one semester of coursework before applying
  • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Have the maturity to study abroad and maintain academic responsibilities while abroad