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English Impact


Foster your fascination with the written word through our English and literature courses.

Delve into writings produced during America’s early history.  Analyze the works of William Shakespeare. Learn to be the successful author of your own thoughts and ideas. Our English instructors will help you master elements of literature, culture and writing. Classes focus on composition, literature, creative writing, and technical writing. English majors will be able to quote the best, refer to famous phrases, and understand historical passages in a current context. Students can also choose to earn a minor in English and/or business and technical writing.

Career Opportunities

The B.A. in English is most effective for students who wish to pursue a law degree and, of course, prepares students for graduate study in English at the master’s level.  However our English students are set up for countless careers immediately upon graduation. English majors have the ability and flexibility to serve in many occupations highly valued by corporate America. These include:

  • Book editor
  • Technical writer
  • Magazine writer
  • Corporate blogger
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Speech writer
  • Screen writer
  • Script writer
  • Producer
  • Web designer 

Contact Info

Dr. Mary Angela Schwer

Chair Department of Language & Literature

 309 Jaynes Hall


Mission Statement

The Department of Language and Literature instills the liberal-arts tradition in our students by assisting and supervising them in the study of languages and literature, the development of cultural understanding, and the mastery of writing and language skills. These efforts prepare students to engage the questions that all human beings confront—questions of self, society, nature, and ultimacy—and to articulate their responses to the world.