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Style Guide/Brand Guidelines Impact

Style Guide/Brand Guidelines

The Fairmont State University Identity Standards and Branding Guide is the official communications policy of Fairmont State University. This collection of identity standards strives to help faculty, students, staff, alumni, licensed vendors and other partners do two things:

  • Apply the approved design assets so that the presentation of the university is consistent and instantly recognizable across all media, and
  • Craft communication that positively tells our story and reinforces our brand.

Brand Promise Brand Personality Value Propositions

Brand Promise

A brand promise is the value or experience that people can expect every time they interact with Fairmont State University. Our brand promise is:

“Fairmont State University is an engine of transformation that inspires and empowers people, partners, and communities to soar.”

Brand Personality

Just like you, institutions and their brands have personalities. An important way to support Fairmont State University’s mission and brand promise is to communicate our brand personality whenever possible.

Unbound by limitations, hard-working, and welcoming, we passionately empower people, partners, and communities to take wing and soar.

This personality is embodied through our five brand characteristics:

  • EMPOWERING inspirational, strengthening, transformational engine
  • LIMITLESS optimistic, “can-do” attitude, unbound
  • RESPONSIVE action-oriented, community-minded, helpful
  • HARDWORKING goal-oriented, roll-up-your-sleeves, resourceful, tenacious
  • GENUINE caring, supportive, warm, friendly, unpretentious, honest, informal

Although these personality characteristics should be incorporated whenever you interact with current and prospective stakeholders, you can emphasize certain characteristics over others to match your communication’s voice to the specific audience’s ear.

Think of Our Personality Characteristics as Dials You Can Turn Up or Down 

Traditional Prospect or Current Student

Empowering 8
Limitless 10
Responsive 7
Hardworking 7
Genuine 10

Parent of a Prospect or Current Student

Empowering 6
Limitless 7
Responsive 10
Hardworking 6
Genuine 10

Prospective or Current Partners in Education

Empowering 10
Limitless 7
Responsive 8
Hardworking 7
Genuine 6

Value Propositions

Value propositions help us articulate specific value benefits to differentiated audiences.

For Everyone Who Visits Our Website

Fairmont State University is an institution of transformation that inspires and empowers people, partners, and communities to soar.

Potential Students & Parents

For students and families who seek a transformative, affordable education, Fairmont State University offers low-tuition and one-of-a-kind academic programs that lead to in-demand careers, in a safe, secure setting surrounded by nature.

Current Students & Parents

For current students and families who demand quality academic programs, abundant educational opportunities combined with personal attention, Fairmont State University offers big school resources with a private school atmosphere that nurtures students and prepares them for rewarding careers and enriched lives.

Community & Partners

Fairmont State University is a cooperative engine of transformation that strengthens partners, protects communities, and enriches the region via quality academic programs, excellent fiscal strategies, and home-grown talent.