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Logo Licensing Program Impact

Logo Licensing Program

Fairmont State University has teamed with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to license and oversee the use of its logos and trademarks in an effort to protect the integrity and usage of the marks. Manufacturers and retailers are expected to work directly with CLC when using Fairmont State University Logos.

Any company or person who produces any item using the Fairmont State University family of logos or the Falcon or using the name of "Fairmont State University" or "Fighting Falcons," must be a licensed vendor. These images and words are all trademarks of Fairmont State University.

If the end product is strictly for in-house campus use (such as donor thank-you items, shirts for coaches, award plaques for academic awards, etc.) then the royalty fee will be waived. The vendor still needs to fill out a One-time Exemption Licensing Form.

If the end product is to be sold, a royalty fee will be applied. All royalties that are collected come back to Fairmont State University for athletic scholarships.

The process of becoming a licensed vendor is fairly simple. Vendors should contact our CLC rep listed below and they will walk them through the process.

CLC Logo

Davison Frizzell
Manager – Partnerships
1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300 I Atlanta, GA 30309

Any company that wishes to be a licensee of Fairmont State University needs to apply for a license through the CLC License Application link.

Ultimately, Fairmont State students benefit from this program because all royalty proceeds go toward athletic scholarships. Supporting the licensing program means supporting our students.

Questions regarding logo usage should be directed to:

URM Design Services
Fairmont State University
Turley Center, Room 223