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Strategic Plan Impact

Strategic Plan


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The Strategic Planning Process

The University will create a strategic plan using the University Strategic Planning Process Committee (SPPC). The SPPC will not work in a silo. From the classroom to administrative offices to athletic arenas, our community is filled with passionate, professional colleagues whose insights are invaluable, and the creation of the strategic plan will give voice to every member of the university community.

The strategic planning process will include three key stages of ‘discovery’ prior to the construction of the strategic plan document:

Defining Capabilities & Competencies

The strategic process will embrace a ground-up approach, wherein employees will meet within their departments and units, explore what they the University to be or accomplish in the next 3 years, and articulate that discovery via a document that will be sent to the SPPC. If the department or unit is too small, they might be combined with employees of departments/units with similar competencies and/or responsibilities. It is hoped that these meetings will take place from February - March.

Division-Level Discussion & Discovery

After department- and unit-level discovery, strategic planning discussions will take place at the division level. These discussions again will emphasize the primacy of community feedback and will offer departments and units the opportunity to share their visions of Fairmont State, and discuss those items that will most impact the division. The departments/units will also explore and articulate unique aspects of Fairmont State that may be leveraged in strategic planning. Documents created from these discussions will be shared with the SPPC. These division-level discussions will likely take place in March - April, and will be moderated by EAB (a higher education consulting company).

University-Wide Discussion

Once the divisional level meetings have wrapped up, there will be a series of university-wide meetings. Individuals are encouraged to participate and share where they believe the strategic plan should focus. We anticipate (and look forward to) lively, vigorous discussion—that’s the entire point behind our grassroots approach to the development of this strategic plan. These sessions will be led by EAB, and should take place in April – May.

Writing the Strategic Plan

After those three preliminary discovery stages are completed, the strategic leadership team will review the results with EAB and begin writing the strategic plan. This plan will revolve around and develop 4-5 major, recurring themes that arise from the discovery stages and from guidance from the SPPC. The strategic leadership team will write the strategic plan over the summer of 2024. The plan will be disseminated to the wider university community in September 2024.



December 2023

The Strategic Plan website was launched

A survey was circulated for people to fill out independently


Survey data will be cleaned and analyzed


Individual units will meet with facilitators


Divisions will meet with the assistance of EAB


University-wide sessions will be held with the assistance of EAB

Summer 2024

The Strategic Vision will be drafted

September 2024

The Strategic Vision will be launched

Work will begin on the Implementation Plan

December 2024

The Implementation Plan will be launched


Progress on the Strategic Vision/Implementation Plan will be reported and the documents refreshed annually

Hardway Hall

Guiding Principles

  • The Process Will Be Inclusive
  • Don’t Start With No
  • Be Ready to Be Wrong
  • Set Unrealistic Goals
  • Goals Need to Be Things We Can All See Ourselves in

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