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While it may be a bold goal, it’s not audacious. We are blessed with strong academic programs (many of them the only ones of their kind in the state), expert and caring teacher-mentors, a dedicated staff who passionately pursue a shared purpose, one of the lowest tuition rates in the region, a redesigned and generous suite of scholarships, and facilities like the Falcon Center you simply can’t find in other schools our size. There are infinite ways to define “best,” but for us, it revolves around the students who learn here, the professionals who work here, and the communities we interact with and impact.

Being “best” doesn’t mean “being biggest,” or “being the most exclusive.” It means providing the best regional university experience for students, from the day they accept their invitation to enroll here, to graduation and beyond. It means creating a work environment where faculty, staff, and administration feel valued and eagerly approach each day with optimism and a shared commitment. It means being true partners with Fairmont and other local communities, so that our successes become their successes, and we help these communities reach their own potentials.

We invite you to explore the President’s Vision, and discover the future Dr. Mike Davis has in mind for Fairmont State University, the students who study here, the education professionals who work here, and the surrounding communities.

President Davis LEADERSHIP TEAMCampus Organization Strategic PlanPresidential Inauguration Presidential Communication Presidential CalendarDAY OF GIVING FEB. 29, 2024

President Davis in a Day of Giving tshirt

Watch February 2024 Video Message

President Davis talks about Day of Giving on February 29, Fairmont State's visit to the West Virginia State Capitol, the new head football coach, and other things happening across campus.

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The President's Vision

Two students studying on the quad

A Great Place to Learn

First and foremost, Fairmont State has to become the top of mind choice for students who not only want a degree that helps them achieve their goals, but who also crave a great college experience. We aim to be the school for students who don’t want to get lost in the crowd of a large university, or don’t wish to face a lifetime of student loan debt. Our size is our strength, and that agility allows us to use our resources to strengthen every academic program so that those programs can create truly transformative experiences for their students. We will build on our robust suite of student services, and we will also create a campus experience that is highly residential, high-touch, and dynamic. Graduates will leave Fairmont State with unbreakable bonds that last a lifetime, and become alumni that show their love for Fairmont State in giving and other actions.

A Great Place to Work

A great career is more than a paycheck—it provides intrinsic rewards that inspire. In fact, those intrinsic aspects—things like ‘purpose,’ and ‘meaning,’ and ‘feeling valued’—can be as important as the pay and benefits a job might offer. We want everyone who works here to feel their impact on our students and our communities, and know in their hearts that what they do matters.

We have a wealth of talent in our faculty, staff, and administrative ranks, and we will continue to attract the best and brightest to Fairmont State (if you think that describes you, check out our current job openings). We’ll look for synergies among academic programs and administrative units, and empower every single employee to become the best versions of their professional selves.

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Three people hanging out at a Fairmont State Football tailgate

A Great Place to Call Home

We love Fairmont, Marion and Harrison Counties, and West Virginia, and we’re proud to call this place ‘home.’ We feel a strong ‘stewardship of place’—that in addition to educating students, we should contribute to upward mobility, regional prosperity, and civic health. In the process, we will emphasize the region’s unique traditions, history, and geography.

We also want to strengthen relationships with local citizens. Everybody is welcomed on campus, whether they’re attending an athletic event, a community arts event, stopping by the Falcon Center, or visiting the Frank & Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center.

Finally, we aim to help transform Fairmont from a ‘town with a college’ back into a ‘college town,’ with a renewed economic vigor, a spirit of optimism, and a shared feeling of pride.



February 2024 Video Message


President Davis talks about Day of Giving on February 29, Fairmont State's visit to the West Virginia State Capitol, the new head football coach, and other things happening across campus.

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President Mike Davis Headshot

Editorial: A few things I've learned about West Virginians


I have had the privilege of serving as president of Fairmont State University since July 2023. During this time, I have traveled around the state and met with hundreds of West Virginians. I will continue getting out, with a goal of visiting all 55 counties in my first two years.

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Students, faculty and staff speak with Legislators at the Capitol

Visit to State Capitol Sets Important Affairs in Motion


Fairmont State President Dr. Mike Davis and a delegation of students, faculty and staff visited the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston on January 29. During the visit House representatives, senators and even Governor Jim Justice met with those visiting from the University to discuss important initiatives Fairmont State is taking for students and the community.

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