Student Accounts

Student Accounts is a part of the Turley Student Services Center.   At Fairmont State University we want to help you manage your student account by keeping you informed of important dates and services.  The functions of the Turley Student Services Center that student accounts helps administer are as follows:

  • Payment Plan -staff assist students with enrollment and payment when the student selects the FIPS payment plan.
  • Student billing and assists customers with billing charges and disputes.
  • Collecting and posting students payments and departmental deposits in compliance with University policies and procedures.
  • Third Party Billing -staff bill third party agencies on behalf of students whose attendance is sponsored by a corporation, military agency, or international embassy.
  • Collections-staff are responsible for collecting past due accounts receivable and work with our collection agency to do so. 

Important Dates – Fall 2019 - Regular Full Semester (August-December)

  • Sunday, August 18 - Last Day to Withdraw With No Payment of Tuition and Fees Required
  • Friday, August 23 - Last Day to Drop a Class(es) Without a "W" on Transcript
  • Friday, August 23 - Last Day to receive a refund for an individual dropped class
  • Friday, August 23- Last Day to Add a course
  • Monday, August 19 - Last Day to Pay Without Late Fee
  • Friday, October 25 - Last day to Drop a Class(es) with a grade of "W" on Transcript
  • Friday, November 29- Last Day to Withdraw from the Institution (withdraw from all classes from current term only)

Important Changes to Refunds

Effective with Fall 2016, there is an important change being made to the refund policy for individual classes dropped after the schedule adjustment period (add/drop week).

After the schedule adjustment period ends, a student must completely withdraw from all registered courses in order to receive any refund of tuition and fees. Fairmont State University will no longer refund tuition and fees for individual classes dropped after the end of the schedule adjustment period.   Students who drop courses below fulltime status during the adjustment period, and remain so after the adjustment period, will continue to be responsible for 10% of the tuition and fees for the courses dropped below 12 hours.

The schedule adjustment period is defined as the first week of classes in the fall and spring semesters, and typically the first three days of classes for each summer session.  

Specific refund dates and percentages for complete withdrawal are available online at:

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact Enrollment Services at 304-367-4141 or