Resumes & Cover Letters

Cover Letter Format Example

To Whom It May Concern / or Proper Person’s Name:

Opening: My name is _________, and I am interested in applying to the ___________ position at your company. I have ______ years of (experience/ skills) related to this job, and have (will have) a Bachelor of ______in (major/ program). (This position aligns with my career goals _____/ this position interests me because ____), and I am excited for the opportunity to (gain more knowledge/ work with_____/ join your company).

Body: Explain specifically why you are interested in this position. Consider what made you excited to discover it. Was it the job itself? Was it the company? Is this part of your career goals? Do you enjoy a certain aspect of this job?

You should also include any of the following if they apply:

  1. Highlight past achievements related to the job in which you are applying (related education or leadership in clubs and athletics count, too)
  2. Highlight relevant technical skills or demonstrate with a brief description how your soft skills, (interpersonal skills) are desired.
  3. Mention any connections you have with the company such as a colleague who works there or a reference someone made for you to apply.
  4. Use this space to explain holes in your work experience or other red flags they may see in your resume.

Closing: Summarize your strengths and passion from above, and express gratitude to be offered an interview.


            Your Name



Name and Contact Information


Bachelor of What in What: Concentration in What          Anticipated Graduation: Month Year

University Name City, State

  •  (3.0 or Higher GPA)
  • Academic Honors (Semester Year)


Job Title                                                                                                 Month Year – Month Year

Company/ Organization                                                                                                 City, State

  • Minimum 3 bullets about roles and responsibilities and how you experienced them. There should be a difference between a position description and your resume. Use specific details and examples to personalize and stand out. Ex: Catered large parties of up to 300 guests. Trained 15 new employees.
  • Treat each bullet as a topic.1-2 sentences is acceptable to get the point across. Do not use prose (no pronouns). Ex: Established social media presences across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and managed company website.
  • Begin bullets with past tense, action verbs even if you still perform that job to make it consistent. Ex: Created, Organized, Operated, Directed.
  • Quantify to help the reader become more familiar with your role. Answer How Much? How Many? How Often? This adds depth and measure of accountability to you and your experience. Ex: Served 4-6 tables a shift. Edited up to 50 articles a week.


  • List technical skills only. Ex: Microsoft Office: Word; QuickBooks; Fluent Spanish


  • This section is “positive fluff” which is likely not getting the job, but at least makes you look well-rounded.
  • Club position, Club Name                                                           Month Year – Month Year
    • Synopsis of what the mission was and experience gained         
  • Volunteer Position, Volunteer Project/ Organization,                 Month Year – Month Year
    • Synopsis of what the mission was and experience gained