Designed for those who currently hold an undergraduate four year teaching or non-teaching degree.  More specifically, the Professional Studies option is aimed at meeting the interests and needs of:

  • Professionals who are teaching in pre-school through post secondary settings for which there is no existing licensure e.g. Community and Technical Colleges, Correctional Institutions, Daycare Centers, etc.
  • K-Adult practitioners who wish to advance through the existing state salary classification system but do not wish to specialize in an area such as Special Education, Counseling, Reading, etc.
  • K-Adult practitioners who wish to include a substantial portion of special interest course work e.g. related content courses, special education information etc. into their graduate program.
  • Adults who wish to simply pursue selected coursework and/or a degree in professional education for their own reasons, e.g. home schooling , private tutoring, etc.