Diversity Initiatives

A focus on diversity is a major component of the mission of the School of Education, Health and Human Performance and is central to our work with students, one another, and the communities that are connected to our campus and our programs. Our definition of diversity is purposefully broad and inclusive; encompassing race, gender, class, abilities, learning needs, languages, religion, and all social and cultural experiences that define who we are in the world. Our perspective is also purposefully broad and inclusive in order to focus not just on those experiences that make us different, but also those that are shared and provided common ground for working together to create equitable access to opportunities to teach and to learn.

Featured Initiatives

The CREDE Standards are used in our programs to document our commitment to meeting the needs of all learners. The CREDE Standards represent recommendations on which the literature is in agreement, across all cultural, racial, and linguistic groups in the United States, all age levels, and all subject matters.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to promoting multiculturalism through the enhancement and enrichment of the quality of life for all members of the campus community.

“Just Call Me Lawrence” Project is a project initiated by the School of Education, Health and Human Performance and the Center for Multicultural Affairs to explore, celebrate and promote the role of diversity on our campus and in the larger FSU community by documenting the perspectives and experiences of community members. If you are interested in becoming part of the Just Call Me Lawrence Project, contact Multicultural Affairs to make arrangements to create your digital story and contribute to the exploration.