Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - Certification

Certification Requirements

Transcript Analysis - Submit official transcripts to Joyce Rose in the Office of Certification at Fairmont State University (see contact information below) to have your transcripts analyzed. A transcript analysis provides a list of courses needed to complete the requirements for the content specialization area. You must satifactory complete 75% of the content courses prior to admissions to the MAT program and Graduate Studies.

Note: You can enroll as a non-degree student to complete the required content courses and apply to the MAT program upon completing the pre-requisite course conditions.

Teaching Specializations

The MAT program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a content area such as art, english, math, social studies, physical education or a professional field and would like to obtain initial certification to teach in West Virginia.

The following teaching specializations are offered for MAT candidates: 

     Art, Pre K - Adult
     Biology, 9 - Adult
     Chemistry, 9 - Adult
     Earth & Space Science, 5 - Adult
     English, 5 - Adult
     General Science, 5 - Adult
     Mathematics, 5 - 9
     Mathematics, 5 - Adult
     Physical Education, Pre K - Adult
     Physics, 9 - Adult
     Social Studies, 5 - Adult
     Spanish, Pre K - Adult


The MAT program does not currently offer licensure in Special Education; however, an endorsement for certification in Special Education may be added after the initial teaching license in a specialized area is earned. 

Office of Certification

Transcript Analysis contact:
Joyce Rose, Certification Officer
345 Education Building